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Stone Sizes & Prices

We do not have any sand or decorative stone for landscaping

* The availability of our stone listed below is subject to our ability to produce and furnish. All Pricing is  subject to change at any time. It is the Sole Responsibility of the Customer/ Driver hauling from Ridge Township Quarry to abide by  all load limit laws.

Printable Price list


#703 & #703H


3/16" down to dust

Can be used for 

           *Under patio pavers          
            *Horse or animals pens         
* Anything that a tight packing
       stone is needed. 
*Fill stone

-Once Packed it gets very hard.
-This stone does track on
shoes and tires.

**#703H can only be used when YOU come to our facility and pick up the stone from our pit area. NOT eligible for delivery for the pit price

*this stone is priced per ton, all minimums do apply if picked up at our facility. (see services page for minimum details).

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