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Time Change 7:30-4 until Labor Day 

Ridge Township pic 2021.jpg


Scott Davis (419) 203-5579

Bill Evans  (419) 771-4080

Bill Poe (419) 203-6780

Fiscal Officer &

Public Records Custodian

Julie Doner (419) 238-7300

Cemetery Attendant 

Shane Williams (419) 203-8942

Zoning Inspector

Billy Poe (419) 203-3708

Road Man

Rob Garver (419) 203-0796

Gov Deals Resolution

Changes To Township




Ridge Township Meetings

 Held every other Friday of the month at 8 am.   At the Township House located at

16905 Middle Point Road

Van Wert, Ohio 45891 

Zoning Board Members

Dave Sheets

Logan Welker

Roger Overholt

Robert Long. Jr

Steve Bollenbacher

Zoning Board 

of Appeals

Brad Coil

Lynn Baer

Rick Boroff

Jason Davis

Brian Leathers

Ridge Township Zoning Code

Property Line Setbacks

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